The book on how to buy a house.

Definitive. Practical. Unfiltered.

How to buy a house, presented in a simple and concise, easy-to-read format. Learn the tips and tricks that only a handful of real estate industry insiders know. You will never think of buying a house in the same way again.

Available July 20, 2020

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“Buying a house is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.”

The average real estate purchase looks something like this: you call up a real estate agent that your friend or family member recommends, you tour about ten houses, then you make an offer. Your offers don’t get accepted. Maybe you decide to change your real estate agent, or maybe not and you stick with them. Then you go inspect the house, and according to your inspector, there are 46 things in the house that need to be fixed or replaced. “Uh, what?”

You drop the contract when the seller refuses to fix anything, and you get pissed at your real estate agent for not pointing out more of the issues upfront before you spent hundreds of dollars to inspect the house with the real estate agent’s preferred inspector. You do not want to move into a house with fifty issues.

Now you try again. You shoot in a few more bids with no luck. “Oh, it’s a seller’s market now?” No wonder…

Time is running out. Your kids need more room for their toys. Your dog needs a bigger yard. You need a nice big room for yourself so you can hide from it all. You can’t escape the reality of what your house search has become: frustrating.

Finally, you are under contract on another house. It’s newer, so fewer issues. You decide to split the cost of fixing the problems with the seller, who agrees to pay to replace some of the things they have used through their expiration this time. But, this time the appraisal comes back low. What do you do? Put down more money or dump the contract? You have already spent hundreds of dollars inspections and you need to move fast.

You decide that, with time running out and few options at your disposal, you will put down a larger down payment to appease the lender “Screw appraisers,” you think to yourself. They just cost you an extra $10,000 out of pocket because of one “comp” that sold for less than the others. Why is that so important anyways? Why didn’t my real estate agent do something? Anything?

You are almost at the finish line though, so you stomach the problems and decide to move on. Your lender sends you a commitment for the loan, and you are back in business. You have one more week under contract, and you ready to close. “Yeah! Finally doing this!” You think to yourself about how far you have come. Then you get a dreaded call from your real estate agent.

“There’s a what?” You ask the real estate agent to explain what they are talking about. You cannot understand why the real estate agent is telling you the house will not sell. Everything is good to go on your side. The seller listed their house for sale. Why can’t we close?

Your real estate agent tells you the title company found some issue on the title and they need two more weeks to clear it. “Why is this coming up now?” You ask the real estate agent, feeling defeated. You are tired of the process, everyone is going crazy around you. You need more space and you need it now!

Finally, the title issue gets cleared, and you close late, but that’s it! You are done. Congratulations! You have a new house. You just wish you felt better about the process. Why did it take so long? Why did things not go your way sooner?

That’s what this book is for. Skip the problems. Skip the issues. Build a solid team of real estate professionals to help you achieve your homebuying goals. Learn how you can avoid the major issues before they happen and discover how to buy a house in the best way possible to avoid feeling defeated and stuck. You can do it. You are almost there.